I’m looking for:

The first Dark Rider Series in 1994, had these 6 spoke wheels, pro-circuits they’re called. These are the ones I seek.

They aslo appeared in other colors, like on this Final Run Pontiac Salsa:

Also, any 6 spoke co molds, especially silver as I want to try and dye them. I received a nice Nissan Z from Frosted a while back, with the orange ones. I’m looking for all colors.


I’m hoping the silver and yellow version of all these styles can be dyed, and I’ve procured some old pots and pans for the dye work.


Any co molds would be helpful, I can’t list them all because I’m still discovering the multitude of styles. These yellow ones only appeared on this Miata and a BMW which I haven’t found yet.

Any help in acquiring these wheel will be greatly appreciated, and any new (to me) information on other co molded wheels from mattel would be equally welcome.

Thanks! Here’s a half stanced Tomica Dodge Coronet for your time: