and blessings from above HAWL.

This happened last weekend when I wanted to try this new barber shop and was told that I needed an appointment first as they have less staff and lots of customer. So decided to go back to my previous hair cut place and since they are not opened yet decided to stop by Dollar Tree to look around.

There wasn’t anything new on the Matchbox aisle but someone was loading some items on the shelves so I kindly asked the lady if there are any new Matchbox models available. She probably wasn’t sure what they are as she told me that if she has them it be the same item. So I asked her if there was a way for her to check on the boxes she’s opening to see if there are any Matchbox that arrived. Then I saw what looked like tiny pictures of Matchbox models glued on one of the box so I asked her if she can open it for me to check. She was nice and opened it up. The first model that pop up were these 2 VWs.

I grabbed both of them and checked to see if there were others that I like. I saw a few license ones like the Ford moving van with japanese character on the side, a Dodge A100 pick up which I already have and some other generic stuff. So I decided to get both as there may be a HWEP potential and while on my way to the cashier I was checking the bed and this is what I saw.

A variation.

Looks like I might be keeping both.

The next day I went back to check again to see if there were other boxes that the lady had opened that has other varieties. Looks like most of the new license ones including the ones I mentioned above were gone. Looks like if I haven’t left due to the appointment requirement I might have missed these 2 as well.