In this post of mine, I’ll teach and show you on where is the best place to photograph diecast cars and how do you even photograph one?

Hey there! Now let’s go see where is it? But let me introduce to you what camera im gonna use.

It’s not much but let’s go use a regular iphone camera.

Here are some BTS Of the studio.

Know it already? If you do, Yup it the kitchen!

Let’s go settle some lights. What about using 1 lamp. So it’s really for home photography.

Now take your car and fix you light and then settle your angle, and click it!!

Here are some shots, but you do it anywhere in the kitchen!

Have you ever heard the word silhouette?

Basically it is where the object is pure black. Or dark. Here’s and example of mine.

In order to get the effect, you must have the light farther than the car. Like this. You can see the lamp at the backgroud, but you can take it off the screen in your own choice.

Tips on how to spice photos up:

1.) Gotta use some kitchen tools!

Like this one, i used a spatula? I think? 😂 But anyways yup, anything like that, anything you see, just go and try !

2.) a bit of photoshop.

You can try to photoshop pictures through Adobe. Or other PC Photoshop apps.

And on through mobile, i only suggest you use snapseed or Picsart. Both available on Ios and Android.


Adjust the Saturation and Brightness and Exposure of each picture. And mostly edit and try out anything, if it looks good, then your done!

So that’s it guys! The Kitchen.

Wanting to know how to do fog in a background? Soon i will 👍🏻🙌🏻👊🏻.. So thanks for the time for reading this and hopes this helps! 😊 @darvz_customs