This week’s top ten was a good one!

10. Eddie’s GT-R outside

9. Jobjoris’s Alfa BAT7 on some art. It’s art on art: artception

8. Hit Royal Highness The Bell King’s presents this amazing rum runner Ford

7. Kimba returns again with a pair of badass Porsches

6. Marc brought a Porsche too!

5. Pixel’s big rig got some big likes. (That was wicked lame, I’m sorry, I won’t do that again.)

4. Ktech’s crazy custom Mercedes Zetros. Go back and check this transformation if you missed it.

3. Harrods livery is the best livery

2. Kimba ORATs some Greenlight Broncos

Aaaaaaaand you knew he was going to be #1, his posts have been on fire all week... Sir 64wheels’ Porsche 935. Still plenty of time to increase too, I only posted this shot yesterday