The Nissan Skyline GT-R or “Godzilla” is an amazing piece of Japanese Machinery. Throughout the years, many iterations of this superb car has spawned generations upon generations of fans worldwide (Me being one amongst them!). There have been the Hakosuka KPGC10, the Kenmeri all the way to the new and modern R35 GT-R. But sometimes the petrolhead demanded a little extra from the breed of these machines which led to Nissan developing an extremely high performance and very exclusive versions of every model.

The R33 GT-R have had a few special editions. One of those is the legendary GT-R LM. It’s rare because only one exists! Reason being Nissan had to build a homologation car to take its R33 LM to Le Mans in 1995.

So the result was the R33 GT-R LM, which is basically a road going version of the R33 LM race car. It’s highly tuned RB26DETT inline 6 engine spits out 400 horses. The body is wider by a monstrous 50 mm all around over a standard R33 with all the added vents and other improvements. A true “Unicorn” of a car, one which anyone can only dream of seeing in the flesh.

The scale model featured here is a UCC Coffee model car, made by Kyosho, but without any interiors or so. So I did a spin on it and transplanted the interiors and window trim of a HW R34 GT-R into the GT-R LM. The Results speak for themselves! Thanks for looking, cheers!