Muscle Machines were everywhere in the early 2000's, and I mean everywhere. The blown muscle cars with outrageous paint jobs and aggressive stances looked like Rat Fink drawings brought to life.....then the Fast and the Furious came out and changed the game. All of a sudden Nissans and Hondas were filling the pegs right along side of the blown Camaros and Cudas. While some of the castings weren’t very good (Civic Type R and WRX I’m looking at you), some of them rocked. Namely the s14 Nissan Silvia.

Their 2001 Nissan Silvia looks amazing, even 14 years after it was released. The widebody, the dope gold wheels and accents, the FMI, ahhhhh it looks just right.

The interior is super detailed with full racing seats, stereo system and of course, NOSSSSSSSSSSS! The underbody is nicely detailed as well.

The engine bay is right out of an Import Alliance meet - redtop, strut bar, huge turbo and all.

For being released at the height of questionable car mods, this thing’s looks have held up very well.

And a special “hood revealer” shot just for kicks.