Another instalment of Will it Monster Truck. This time using a MBX Lotus Exige cast, again the wheel arches are a close match for the shock towers of the MT chassis. I never really noticed before how close most HW/MBX casts are in wheelbase length, not all but quite a lot of them.

I have one more for tomorrow and that will be it from me for WiMT, until another cast gets a wheel swap anyway. Philipilihp suggested a stop motion animation featuring these so that’s in the ‘writing department’ along with and idea from Jobjoris. Thanks for checking them out and for the amazing response to the original post, I was just going to do a quick photo for an Hour Rule but after taking a few to choose from I couldn’t decide which one to post so included them all.

The Lotus seems to be enjoying it’s new abilities, check out that grin.

Disclaimer; These casts are not fixed to the chassis of the MT and are held in position using BluTac for the purpose of taking the pictures. I feel calling them ‘custom’ is a bit of a stretch and not fair on the true customs done by proper talented customisers. Just wanted to let that be known. Thanks.