A new week brings a new Torchbug update! After touring a bit of Chicago and witnessing the Indy 500, it was back home to check out Supercar Saturdays (C&C type event), and to meet some automotive celebrities!

Don’t forget you can always check out the full set of photos on Flickr album, or scroll down for the highlights!

Grab a drink and something to snack on, this one’s a Duesy!

Met another yellow fellow

Whose exhaust had a good smell-o

Hung out with this ol’ Chevelle-o

Then his little brother Camar-ehhh I can’t keep this up much longer

I think the Torchbug has more ground clearance

Cleanup in Aisle JBH

Cleanup, STAT!


I believe this is a Stagea, with the commonly mounted R34 front end. I’m not sure if it was the 260RS with full R34 running gear, however.

Why does everything in Italian sound so much better? Carbone - sounds like a perfectly marinated medium-well done steak.

Here was the first of several great car enthusiasts I chatted with who let me set the bug on his car. Thank you so much!

A bug can dream, right?

Around the horsepower world

Here was another great gentleman was a pleasure to chat with. He approached me with great curiosity as I was setting up this shot. Turns out his daughter wants a classic beetle, so these shots meant a lot to him!

There was probably 2-3mm to spare between the Torchbug and the spoiler, just barely fit!

This 356 was incredibly clean, the owner has taken incredible care of it!

These two guys bring their Black Series (C63 right) to Supercar Saturdays pretty often, always great to see (and hear)!

This big guy was one of several kids very interested in the Torchbug, although I think his Audi S5 has us beat on horsepower.


Even though it was well into the show at this point, the Torchbug found a spot to show off. #sunsoutgunsout

The owner of this Testarossa brings it to nearly every event, always great to see him again

The sirens, megaphone, and all were totally functional!

The owner of this 190SL said he spent years looking for a gas cap, looks like he finally found one

He loved the story behind the Torchbug so much, he wanted me to set it anywhere and take as many pictures as I liked! Thank you again!

Everything about this 190SL was immaculate


I have a feeling this will be a Jalop favorite

If this Marlboro Syclone is legit (I had no reason to believe it wasn’t), it’s 1 of 10 specially made for the ten winners of The Marlboro Racing ‘92 Contest

Our lil’ guy found a friend at the show!

This car had so much spunk and was so much fun, there’s no way you can’t smile being around it. I think I finally understand why they are so loved now.

I think Torch and the Torchbug agree on this one!

And now, Torchbug meets some celebrities!

Our lil’ guy loves the incredible attention to detail on the Duesenbergs. From the lights that turn with the steering...

To each spoke on the wheel...

The exhaust...

And all the fancy bits and pieces of refinement. What a Duesy!

One of the first known motorized scooters by Safticycles

A Daimler-Benz sanctioned reproduction of Karl Benz’s first automobile created in 1885. This reproduction looks and operates just like the original.

I think Torchbug’s got a girlfriend :P

Torchbug conducting a standard undercarriage PPI

Just in time for the new Mad Max to release!

And the one and only...


One of the 11 made by Cinema Vehicle Services for the movie

Double Trouble

I don’t understand why these were here, but what the heck.

This is well-documented to be one of the original Chargers bought by Warner Brothers to be used for the first few episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard. One of the builders of the General Lees bought this back from Warner Bros. before continued filming, thus it escaped being one of the 249 General Lees wrecked for the show.

It is probably one of the most original and well-kept General Lees to date.

Many of the cars at Volo are signed by the actors, directors, builders, or other crew.

Torchbug ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Hello, Michael.

The Hoff approves of the Torchbug


1.21 Gigawatts!

This is a 100% legitimate 1966 Batmobile from the TV series, it is licensed by George Barris.

This michael Keaton Batmobile was actually used in filming. The rear end can be removed so that in-car shots could be filmed. This Batmobile design is my personal favorite!

I think I managed to scare Torchbug on this set

This is a 25th Anniversary Countach with only 900 miles on the clock, Torchbug verified this for accuracy

1997 Diablo VT

I don’t even...

1999 Shelby Series 1, never titled, still with its Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO)

Yes, the lil’ guy is in this shot...somewhere...


We got a good chuckle out of these, never noticed them in the movie!

Herbie was glad to see to Torchbug finally visit!

A crew of six people would operate that the switchboards which would move the eyes, bumper, hood, doors, visors, antenna, etc. to bring Herbie to life for the movie.

This DeSoto was one of the vehicles in Volo’s “Pre-War” Showroom, for the small number of cars built in the late 30’s and early 40’s before the factories were converted to manufacture wartime equipment.

I rented a wide-angle lens for the weekend to experiment with it and ended up loving it so much that I kept it on the rest of the time! That explains the super distorted look of some of the shots at it’s widest focal length, in case you were wondering.


Thanks to all the great owners of the cars for letting me place the Torchbug anywhere I wanted for the shots, they were a pleasure to meet and chat with!

For the rest of the photos from this set, as well as all the photos from the Torchbug’s adventures in the Windy City, click on this link for my Flickr page!

That’s all for this adventure, folks! Stay tuned ‘til next week for more!