Happy 4th of July from Torchbug!

After hundreds of human miles and thousands of Torchbug scale miles, 3000+ shutter actuations, and somehow zero parking tickets later, we’re here: the final chapter of the Torchbug’s adventures in the Windy City.

If you’ve been following along, the little guy’s seen a whole bunch of the city, car shows and museums, and the Indy 500! I hope you enjoy the final post, and don’t forget there’s more photos in the Flickr album.

Gettin’ cultured at a Millennium Park performance, right before...

It started monsooning. We got completely soaked!

Deep thoughts on the Chicago Riverwalk...

By the Traveling Torchbug

He wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, but I convinced him the view’s pretty good from down here

A quick stop at one of my favorite tuning, repair, and showroom facilities (and usually a museum), Willow Automotive, was entirely worth it!

+1,000,000 internet points to whoever correctly guesses what’s under this cover. Points will be promptly delivered to you by the Torchbug.

I lived near Willow Auto for about 5 years and every time I drove back from downtown, I’d take a detour and gawk through the window to see what rare works of art they were hiding. It was here where I saw my first roadgoing McLaren F1, the MP4/2 driven by Niki Lauda, and an Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 with only a few thousand Km on the clock.

I could not believe how lightweight this exhaust was, I’d say 20 lbs max using my calibrated arm scales

Remember what I was saying about this place being a museum? This Cobra is one of the most original examples ever, and has pretty low miles on the original drivetrain.

Despite the recent shenanigans at the Ring, they let Torchbug take a few laps

Today was all public transit, so we asked Torchbug to navigate

A quick chat with the Hulkbuster over dinner

Storms were rolling in again during this outing, the sky got some crazy shades of yellow towards sunset

Luckily this time around, we stayed dry

Goin’ for a ride on Lower Wacker Drive

Don’t worry, he was more than secured on the trunk lid :)

Thanks to Brian at Willow Auto for everything, he’s always as excited about these cars as I am and it shows in how well he takes care of everything in his shop!


I also want to thank all of you who’ve followed along throughout this adventure and for the kind words and suggestions! I had a blast wandering around the city I call home and learned a lot from pushing my boundaries in photography.

The Traveling Torchbug is already off to Roundbadge in OH, who will have a new set of photos as the journey continues.

For all the photos from the Torchbug’s adventures in the Windy City click on this link to the Flickr album!


Thank you and farewell little guy, I hope you bring as much joy to everyone else as you did for me!

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