I made some good progress on the Miata yesterday. It’s out of the body shop and into the paint booth.

The dash humps will end up white or silver like the hood. (I need to decide)
This was Tuesday morning
If all goes as planned it will be 3 colors.
These need shortened. Damn Magnaflow!

I think I’ll be using 5 spoke MBs, but the wheels on the NSX (below) are nice either way they’ll be Cherry Red.

A couple paint jobs have been finished.

The clear roof on the Defender was blacked out. The CRX was given a proper stock paint job. The Taco got a bed liner. It came with a giant green tent in the bed, that had to go.

I hit the bumpers while it was apart.

Did you know a Mini fits snuggly inside a Grand Cherokee?

The Rolls was a metallic blue color that Rolls would have never used. So it’s getting a quick respray.

And last but not least, I give you the worst paint job you’ll see all day. I apparently drank way too many adult beverages on Sunday night. This beauty was waiting for me Monday morning. I laughed so hard that I just grabbed the clear coat.

Those stripes! Haha. Wait the back is just as good.

I laugh every time I see it.