Welcome to Working Top Wednesday, the series that features models with working convertible top. This is it people. The last of the series (unless I find a deal on a NC Miata). This week is the BMW E89 Z4. Speaking of last of the series, the Z4 is, for now, the last of BMW’s recent sports car series that started with the Z3 back in the 90’s. That Z3, and the E85 (not the fuel) Z4 that followed it was sold in both coupe and convertible forms. But those individual body styles were merged into one with the retractable folding roof of the E89. Fun fact: the E89 Z4 was BMW’s first production car where both interior and exterior design were done by women.

Kyosho, as is usual, has faithfully replicated that design in their scale model. The paintwork is solid and lacks the thinness in the panel lines that afflicts so many of my yellow cars. The BMW signature twin kidney grill is open, though the lower grill is sealed. Panel gaps are decent with the exception of the leading edges of the doors. Something about clamshell hoods seems to give model makers the flux. It also doesn’t look quite as good with the top up as the panels don’t properly align. But it still looks better than the 3-Series from last week. The interior is the highlight of the model, and features a good amount of molded and painted detail. The engine bay has a good amount of molded detail as well, but it all gets lost in a sea of black. I got my Z4 about a month or so ago for $127 shipped. At that price, this is a good buy, but most are closer to $200. Still not bad considering what you get with a plastic Autoart for the same price, but you’d have to be trying to fill a pretty big Z4 sized void in your life to consider it to be a deal. And with that, let’s drop the top and drive this series off into the sunset.

Yes, it’s a little blurry, I know.
Overcompensating? What are you talking about?