2 Miata’s in one day? Yep. Somebody has to show something besides silly old McLaren F1's. I don’t see the appeal. Really, I don’t. Anyway, me and Frosted Miatas have a connection to each other, and not for the obvious reason. The Miata Power Retractable Hard Top (PHRT) was something of a grail for me, but as the model got harder to come by and the prices went up, it kinda went into the “want but probably won’t get” zone. But then Frosted sent me a link to the Miata he would eventually go on to buy. One of the related auctions was for this baby right here, sitting at $90 with just 1 bidder. I didn’t expect that to last, but I added it to my watch list anyway. But last it did, and I was able to swoop in at the last minute and claim it for $94. I never would have seen this auction as I tend to put the model brand in my searches, but this seller didn’t do that, and that’s probably why there were only 2 bids on this auction.

As for the model, it is typical AUTOart with the exception of that working top. AUTOart models typically don’t have any working features at all, so to make a working top is somewhat odd for them. But the top works well, and it’s functionality is faithful to the 1:1. And so with that, my grail list gets one shorter. Well, actually 2 shorter, but that’ll have to wait for another time.