This will be the first part of my contribution to today’s “Working Wednesday” with the second part coming later this evening.

Without a doubt this was for me the most anticipated cast from GL’s H.D Trucks series. I always like workhorses like this, the possibilities for what you can put on them is endless and flatbeds are my top favorite. The idea of hauling a vehicle without the hassle of a trailer is great. I still like trailers sometimes but, there’s a charm to integrate the flat platform trailer part to the chassis of a light truck especially like this Ford which are now hard to see these days rather than the heavier duty medium truck like the International Durastar and the Ford F-650

Despite part of this series, it’s quite small compare to all the International Durastar chassis variants and RVs the size of a houses it was introduced with. Honestly it didn’t come to me as a surprise considering what the flatbed is based on. GL followed the scale down to a tee, the cab have the same dimension as my other 1970 F-series Ford by M2 which is also authentic 1:64 scale.

The fit and finish of this is good with good details all around from little amber lights all along the side to little silver hook to the end of the wench on the flatbed as well as opening hood showing a beefy 390 CI engine and sturdy ramps that clips on tight, despite a slightly wonky duallys which I was able to fix on my own.

On several occasions GL include little bonuses with the H.D Trucks like a figure and gas pump for the Gulf Liveried Durastar flatbed or a toolbox with engine hoist for the Gas Monkey livery of the same truck. For this Ford they’ve included a car, and a beautiful one at that, a Shelby Cobra 427.

The Cobra is not anything new from GL, its the same one that GL release in the cheaper Motor World series for many years but the makeover they done to include it in the H.D really is the one to go for. The racing livery with the red stripe across the front on black looks stunning, the tire lettering just pops as well as the little sponsors on the front fender. Both the truck and the car looks very good together and I would not recommend splitting these two up.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun and swap cars to put on the flatbed from time to time.

Look what showed up from the dock
Heading to the local Concours show

That is all for part 1. Do you guys like the truck or the car better let me know and stay tuned for part 2.