This has been out for quite some time and most people already got one but it’s a wonderfully made cast that it’s worth sharing one more time.

From the departure of part 1 with a truck from the 1970, we now show something a bit more modern. This is the Dodge RAM 2500 with the longer heavy duty car hauler from the crowds favorite GL Hitch & Tow series.

Both the truck and the trailer were new toolings that premiered together with the Gas Monkey Garage decals in series 8 of the H&T line. This all red example is the second iteration and to me the second release looks much better than the first. I’m not a big fan of GMG nor am I a fan of ostentatious decos on any vehicle, I prefer to have a plain looking truck and trailer so instead of being assigned to a specific job, it can be for anything.

By now some may wonder why I only show this now when it was released for a little over a month. To be honest it’s not because the stores around me haven’t stock them, I saw these on several occasions and passed on them until recently. The reason being was that every one I came across have a big issue and it’s not with the quality, but with how GL packaged them. It appears at the factory they just carelessly shove the cars into the package and as a result, the little spare wheel mounted on the right side of the trailer breaks off and ended up bouncing around in the package. After a few weeks of searching, I finally came across an undamaged example to give it a fair review.

Overall finish and detail on both the truck and trailer are excellent and surprisingly the wheels on the RAM rolls fantastically and the trailer is so long it can fit the truck that tows it with room to spare except the wheels on the trailer was a bit wobbly due to a minor problem with un-centered tires.

This is a great set and a lot fun to have in the collection.

Someone had a bad day on the rally stage

That marks the end of “Working Wednesday” one last car from my own HAWL will be showcased tomorrow before we dive into the goodies I purchased from Fintail’s Sale of the Century. See you then.