Before I sent it off to IDDavo, I wanted to compare the two Supras I had in my collection.

On the left we have the much loved Falken Supra from Hot Wheels, sent to me in a trade with SaabStory. It's now packed safely in a padded envelope on it's way to it's new owner. On the right we have a red Supra from Matchbox, which I received in a trade from the one and only Dusty Ventures way back when the HWEP was just getting started.

Right off the bat, you can tell the HW Supra is smaller than the MBX car. The MBX is taller, longer, and wider than it's HW cousin. The Matchbox dimensions give the car a more realistic stance, and yet it doesn't dwarf the other cars in my collection.

The Falken car wears an aftermarket body kit, while the MBX retains a stock look. I'm more of a keep-your-cars-the-way-god-intended kind of guy, so I'd have to go with the Matchbox once again in the casting department.

Paint-wise, the Hot Wheels gets the points hands down. The Falken livery is just badass and the tampos are fantastically clean. The Supra is an older car, I'm guessing from the late nineties or early two-thousands. It's paint scheme doesn't hide it; bright red with flames and yellow glass look pretty outdated.

That rear wiper blade detail though!

The HW Supra gets the nod for it's wheels as well. The style matches the car and they fit the wheel wells well. The MBX car has the standard issue tires that can be found on my Camaro and Viper Matchbox of similar vintage; nothing special.

Neither car has headlight or taillight tampos, which is pretty disappointing.

Overall though, I think I'd have to pick the Matchbox on this one. My personal preference for the body kit and the dimensions wins out. That said, the Falken Supra is an excellent car and would be a perfect fit for your JDM collection. I'll definitely pick up another one someday, but I really needed something to trade to IDDavo! Enjoy it bud!

What do you guys think?