Winged wonder!

Another Majorette that I picked up during the toy fair at the mall, this Majorette Premium Subaru Impreza WRX STI is quite a beauty. The blue paintjob is flawless, tampos are spot on, and who can resist that blue and gold combo??Opening doors are a nice touch too.

And now, time for a comparison with the Tomica mainline Subie Rex...

The differences are quite obvious right from the start. The shades of blue, the differing opening part, and the scale. The Tomica is a 1/62 scale , whereas the Majorette is a 1/58 if I’m not mistaken. The Tomica lacks wing mirrors but makes up for it with detailing on the pillars while Majorette cuts corners by deleting some of the pillars.

Overall I’d say both are worthy additions to a Subaru WRX diecast collection.

Thanks for viewing! Cheerio!