When Yatming tried to be the best diecast company ever... they really nailed it sometimes. This VW Scirocco is a testament to that. Snagged for not too much and not too little on eBay (the final price was jussssst right). I have to say I was not disappointed when this showed up in my mailbox two days ago. It’s fantastic.

Let’s start with the details. The volkswagen emblem on the grille is the perfect size and amazingly detailed. The interior is decent but they crammed probably the best 1:64 steering wheel that I have ever seen in my life in there. Lines are sufficiently crisp (but not quite Tomica level quality). There is a trunk lock and the gas cap has the proper ridges for easy grabbing! The taillights are separate pieces and a great shade of red. They are a little off kilter, but Yatming gets an A- for effort anyways on that. Detailed metal base and solid springy suspension. Precise inner door details to boot. There is soooo much to love! <3

Thanks for looking! Let’s see some more Yatming love here on LaLD!