“Hello, Gotham Police? This is Bruce Wayne. My car... er, my FRIEND’s car was stolen from Wayne Manor sometime last night. Yes... he would have called himself, but he prefers to remain anonymous.

He said something about being stalked by an evil clown, but I know that sounds crazy. He said he would try to find it himself, but he doesn’t have a way to get around at the moment. The bus? Why yes, I suppose he could ride the bus. He’s a very rich man, however... not unlike myself, of course... so he doesn’t often carry bus fare.

It’s a black custom, with red accents. It’s based on the Lincoln Futura show car. Yes, custom. Anyway, it has many, uh, ‘special’ features, and it would be greatly appreciated if you can find it before it falls into the wrong clown hands. Okay, I will... I mean WE will await your call. Thank you.”