Two days ago, AUTOart dropped photos of their to-be-released Ford Falcon XB, aka “the last of the V8 Interceptors” from Mad Max and The Road Warrior. Normally, we don’t go in for film/TV hero cars around the Model Citizen offices, but this one hits us in all the right places. The Road Warrior is one of my favorite movies, and the Falcon is one of the main reasons why. It stands for one individual’s determination to survive under the most challenging conditions (and to do so in the most bad-a** way possible). With that in mind, my fingers were itching to fire off a pre-order e-mail to AUTOart, but then...


Oh boy, here we go again. AUTOart has created a great-looking model of a highly desirable car that cuts across at least two separate fan bases, and then they go and make it out of plastic. Worse, its MSRP is $190, right in line with the diecast metal Devil Z and Blackbird 930 from Wangan Midnight.

So, I’m torn. Iconic car, ease sales pitch, broad appeal on one hand. On the other...well, you know. I guess my question to you in trying to determine whether to stock the Falcon Interceptor when it releases in October, is “Is there a point at which subject matter trumps construction material?” Does this car do it for you?