Big things with little cars

For those of you who follow me on social media this is redundant so I apologize but I’m just too stoked not to share it here. This week I’m wrapping up the majority of a 3 year overhaul of my 1966 Volvo Amazon. I got the engine fired up last Saturday and broken in, wrapping up exterior details and moving on to throw together the interior so I can make it to the VCOA national meet this Saturday which happens to be in my neck of the woods this year.

I definitely treated this whole build just like a model car with lots of visual research and lots of details when it came to assembly. It’s not cosmetically perfect by any stretch of the imagination but anything that came off or went on was scrutinized. I’ll have some better shots later in the week when I finally roll it out of the work shop but here are a few shots and link to me making some noises.



Here’s the music...

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