I decided that I was overdue in putting out some new models on display, so I put away the other models I had out and brought out a new selection of models. Today’s theme is America’s Sports Car, the Corvette.

C5.R (AutoArt)

(L to R) 2001 Corvette Zo6 (Maisto), 1998 Corvette Convertible (Maisto)

1998 Corvette Hardtop (UT Models), 1998 Corvette Targa (Bburago), 1997 Corvette (Bburago)


1996 Corvette Convertible (Maisto), 1996 Corvette (Maisto), 1969 Corvette (Hot Wheels)


1965 Corvette (Maisto), 1957 Corvette SS (AutoArt), 1957 Corvette (Road Legends/Yat Ming)

As you can see, I need to update my collection, as I have no models of either the C6 or C7. I have seen C7s at Costco last year and this year, but they were such boring colors I passed on them. I also should get an earlier C1 (1953) and a later C1 too.


Sorry for the potato quality. I need to put some more models out on the next lower shelf too. Not sure what theme to use for it. More sports cars? Something classic? Exotics?