Here's one of my favorite model trucks is this 05 F-350. Has the newer headlights and grill. With a nice blue and silver metallic paint job and all doors open.

Has to be one of the heaviest models ever made. No wonder I don't see any new model trucks for sale :(

Stock ride height. This will never turn into a mall crawler or bro truck. Whew.


Doors open. Not so much for the rear doors. How is anyone supposed to fit in there? :P


Power Stroke. Can you just hear those connecting rods break? hehe

So much detail in this model. Look at the serpentine belt diagrams Squeee!


Pretty good detailed interior. For a Lariat you have all the bells and whistles.

Have some HDR.


Overall this is #3 of my most favorite trucks in my collection. #2 is my Camo F-150. See here:

My #1 favorite is not a truck but an SUV. Im not going to say, so it will be a surprise :D