Yesterday I presented what I had completed on my diorama. Today, I will present the diorama in its entirety. Initially, I was searching for a quick project to do during the summer. As I started looking around, I stumbled upon a diorama on Pinterest and being a car nut like the rest of you, I had to give it a try.

Now the diorama itself uses materials such as a black 20x30 foam board from Staples, a tri-fold foam display board to cut out, as well as your basic colored tape for the parking spots and the wall. What I assume would take me a week to finish, I was able to do in 2 days.. So yea, it’s a pretty easy and straightforward project

In order to make it seem a little more realistic, I of course had to print out all the signs and license plate through a quick google search. The little details goes a long way and make the diorama that much more realistic. If it wasn’t clear, I chose to do the diorama in a Chinese/HK theme, featuring license plates from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. I also included the fire extinguisher sign and the exit sign in Chinese too because why not. However, because it was nearly impossible to find a reserved parking sign in Chinese, I simply included it in English.


Poor iPhone shot.

Now if you can’t tell by the edge, i’m not exactly the best at cutting, but an Xacto knife helped a lot. Zooming in, you’d be able to see the different tape lines, however, from the distance, you’d never be able to tell.


Ironically, the hardest part of the build isn’t the garage itself, but the airvents and structure pole I was trying to mimic. For the vents, I had to cut out pieces of cardboard that I pre-measured and hot glue the edges together to make the rectangular prism. I then went in and wrapped it in tinfoil. The interesting part was trying to get the vents to stay up... Then that episode of Mythbuster where Adam and Jamie had to survive in the desert using just duct tape came to mind. Why not just duct tape everything? I mean, no one is going to look up anyways..


Similarly, the structure was made using the same process,except I taped that whole thing together because I ran out of hot glue... The point of the structure pole was to again, make it seem more realistic and consequently, it served as a stand for both air vents.


I purposely mixed the license numbers up, so the owners won’t get mad ;)


Here’s to show how big the display is, which is about the size of half a dining table.

Now the real question is....where am I going to find a place to store it?

Thanks for viewing!

Definitely will be working on another diorama soon!