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1/24 Range Rover P38A by Bburago

I told you guys I had something Range Rover related coming. Now here it is.

It’s safe to say that Bburago is (or once was) quite obviously on the bottom rung of quality diecasts. I used to have multiple Bburago models when I was young, and most of them suffered damage to body parts, missing wheels and such. So why the hell did I spend my hard earned money on one? Because I’m obsessed with the Range Rover P38A.


Recently over on Oppositelock, I spotted one of these majestic beasts out in the wild and I had to ask the question of why I desired them so much. The generation that followed it was clearly superior, and these were probably the most famous for their unreliability. Yet, I pine for one in the most unbelievable ways. And now I have one. In 1/24 scale form.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. This is not the best diecast in the world. Panel gaps are ridiculous, the doors open sans-frame, and the details are very cheaply done. But on the other hand, it isn’t the worst diecast I’ve ever seen either. It does work for what it is, and it does look beautiful when displayed with its safari-ready look. That’s the reason I bought this one vs. a regular version, which are available, for those who are not into the whole off-road aesthetic (what is wrong with you).


Showing it off next to my Welly 1/24 Range Rover Sport does it no favors, though.


But otherwise than that, it’s a nice little addition to my growing Land Rover collection. I’ll end this off with some off-road type pics for you all to enjoy. Next stop is to add a Defender to the line-up.


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