As I posted before @boostenboys is doing a 1/64 scale SEMA on Instagram, where people build custom vehicles and booths to show them off. I finished mine last night, and am happy with how it came out on short notice.

Here is the overall booth, the images are cut out of some old magazines I had lying around forever.

The two gassers are new builds. I showed the ‘53 last week, since then it was stripped and repainted, and the front suspension was cut off and redone with zip tie leaf springs. The Holden was mostly built last Thursday, and finished up on Monday. It is actually a bright purple, but every camera I have insists on showing it as blue.


The booth ended up being too wide, so I added these two older builds and moved the main display to one side to make it look right.

And at the back is my ‘56 Ford Transporter, with my Gasser SHell build on the back.


And in this corner is a small display area of smaller things, I didn’t get a chance to fill this out as much as I’d hoped.

I’ll be posting some detail shots of the various vehicles as I get a chance this week. You can see all the builds on instagram under the tags #164semashow and #164semashow2018.