Top to bottom, same as right to left in second row: Ferrari-4 (Gutierrez, Raikkonen, Finch), Ferrari-5 (McPhee, Shaitar, Sta. Maria), and Ferrari-18 (Argoso, Pangilinan, Dimalanta), which will run as a national team for the last time.

[After getting dethroned by Nissan at Le Mans, Ferrari is looking to make a comeback, and it starts by lopping a pair off the V12 of the old 430 P7, adding 2 megajoules of energyto the HY-KERS system and carrying over even more F1 aerodynamics, adding up to the 420 P8 that you see here.]


I finally got around to building a LEGO car in Tiny Turbo scale, thanks in large part to Flickr user //PROTOTYP, who dropped his 2015 Le Mans cars just as I was binge-watching both Truth in 24 films and races in Sebring and Le Mans from 2009 onwards.

This is first in a 14-part preview for a fictional 100th running of the endurance classic, where 42 cars from 14 manufacturers tackle the Circuit de La Sarthe and try to outlast each other for 24 hours.

The plan is to make all 42 cars, both individually and as a team, then pop Bluerender to get them rendered before this year’s Le Mans race. Vignettes, studio shots and on-site shots will come up by then. Oh, and did I mention that I will post instructions for all three come race day?