Big things with little cars

New to Kinja. Not sure if this will work.

Been collecting since the ‘90’s. I think I’ve collected every brand. Chased prototypes. Super rare employee pieces. Seen it all, done it all. Sold off my collections many times. Regret sets in and I’m back. These little cars are addicting.


Over the years I’ve leaned towards “authentic” and “detail”. Not many brands in 1/64 have this. So I’ve settled on AutoWorld, GreenLight and Johnny Lightning. Does not mean I won’t pick up a MBX casting once in a while. But my money mostly goes to the other three brands.

Anywho, I have added a picture of a Johnny Lightning Topper. This is actually a “Mirror Chrome” Topper. The casting is called Custom Thunderbird. Both doors open to show off that white interior. It's a super cool piece and was sent to me by a good friend.

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