I made a judgement error, that cost me an almost finished custom.

I was making the Chevy LUV much, much more boring, but more to my taste. Here is the almost finished body, minus a final polishing.

I scratch built a bed for it and fully detailed the interior/exterior plastics. Then, after adding a thick layer of paint to the bed, I placed the practice into the toaster oven for a minute to help smooth the freshly laid bed paint. Then I started playing with the dog. 15 mins later I remembered the body still getting (albeit very minimal) heat. Too late.


Complete loss.

Would have turned out really cool too. Oh well, currently I have no desire to start over on this. I’ll bag the body and keep it with the rest of my projects for now I guess.


Morale of the story: think.

At least Penn state is going to the rose bowl.