After disaster struck yesterday, I realized I was in too deep. I keep my 1:64 project ts in Ziploc baggies since I live in an apartment, space is limited, so I can’t leave them out. After I bagged the melted corpse of my LUV for a later time, I noticed there were a lot more bags being devoted to my hobby (read: obsession) than to my morning hard-boiled eggs.

So I counted.

There were 16 bagged and more bodies with plans laid out to be drilled. 16. I need to start finishing these so I can move on to others.

This was one I asked for advice for a few weeks back. I would like to add a working winch, but until I find a suitable cord, it’ll be finished for now. Woot! One down!

I call her the “Stubbed tow,” due to the stubby height. Not my fav, but it was fun building.




Since you last met, she’s had a little work done. Some exhaust stacks, some side tool boxes, some KC lights, and rearranged the front crash bars. She’s also had some additional muddy travels.

I do enjoy that this truck is completely useless in reality and the builder just assumed that wood would be enough to sustain the weight of a car. Because, ya know...the abrupt shock of hitting a pothole with 0 suspension travel wouldn’t apply a dramatic amount of force to the bed or anything.


Not sure what to do with it now. :/

Time to build a display I guess.


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