Sunday my partner and I made it to the diecast show I posted about last week. It wasn’t huge, but there was a nice variety of vendors, as well as the hosting store’s own stock.

First score was this loose JL Wagoneer. I couldn’t resist as it just looked so cool.

Next was all the VW vans. I first found the Lesney camper, and asked what he wanted for it. His response was “Whatever you want to pay.” I then picked up the blue sunagon, thinking if I could get it cheaply It would be fun to customize. I asked what he wanted for it and he handed me one of the orange ones and walked away, only to return a moment latter and hand me the other one. When I asked what he wanted for all four he said $5. I couldn’t get my money out fast enough.


These were scored for $1 each still in packages. I’m not sure if the Alfa will stay or become a wheel donor.

No was I was going to pass up a set of fins like this.


This was bought from the store itself. I’ve been looking for this trailer for a bit without any luck.