Big things with little cars

I’ve got a few T-Hunts here that i’m not doing anything with and hoping to see if anyone’s interested in a TH for TH swap... I’ve left these on the pegs, handed them to bystanders and explained what they are, only to come back at a later time and still find them sitting there, so I figured, why not take them and swap with someone who will appreciate them... :) Some of these are older THs so not sure of the interest in them, but it’s worth a shot.

Anyhow, the castings are in the pic but here’s a rundown: Speedbox (4), Grease Rod (2), Dune Crusher (2), HW Pursuit (2), Mig Rig (1), and Fangula (3). I’ve also got an extra RR Gasser and MBX Ford GT-40 if anyone’s interested.


I’m hoping to grab a few THs that I don’t have such as Poison Arrow, Fast Gassin, Pirahana Terror, Bad Bagger or others that may be duplicates in someone’s collection, so let me know if you’re interested and what you’ve got. You can reach me at rush4u at yahoooooo!!!! Thanks!

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