Here’s a few things that I’m sure will be popular:

First - and best - the Lamborghini Jota - with opening engine cover! More moving parts on the Premium line - as it should be. This one will replace the Lotus Europa as the #5 - so if you want that Lotus and haven’t got it, get it now.

The engine detail doesn’t look all that crash hot in this pic - let’s hope it will be a bit better looking on the final model.

Next, something that will appeal to a lot of people as well - the Subaru WRX STI NBR Challenge. Looks like Tomica is also improving the looks of the Premium wheels and tires - look at the white script on these! “NBR” stands for “Nürburgring” by the way.


In the regular line-up, we have a new Isuzu Elga Toei Bus. It looks pretty and comes from a long line of Tomica Toei Buses - these are the standard Tokyo Buses.


And there is one more mystery car to come that won’t be revealed until later when the actual car will be shown to the public.

My guess is the new Nissan Leaf - “spy shots” of that one are currently doing the rounds, and I don’t know of any other imminent major release out of Japan. We will see.

Happy collecting everyone!