Big things with little cars

After seeing yeesoo’s post yesterday of his Tomica diorama, I had to post mine. I don’t have a tenth of the cars he does but this little set is my absolute favorite. Pic heavy.

It’s called the 40th Anniversary Tomica Craftsman and it has 10 cars of ‘craftsman’ with each one having a paperboard building belong to their trade.

The vehicles and buildings also are weathered to look used. Below, a description from a site:

“Tomica body, in order to reproduce the car which craftsmen continue to use for decades, the body color and the like paint is peeling, and be expressed as with mud, dare to look to contain the car seasoned devised.”

Toyota Town Ace - Produce
Suzuki Carry - Tatami mats
Subaru Sambar - Oil
Isuzu Elf - Seafood
Mitsubishi Fuso Canter - Movers
Toyota Probox - Garage
Suzuki Every - Electric
Toyota Dyna - Construction
Toyota Hiace - Painting
Toyota Town Ace - Landscape

Vehicle details.

Detail 1
Detail 2
Detail 3

Plus apparently this town is overrun with cats.

Cat 1
Cat 2
Cat 3

And finally, up on my shelf, above the computer so I can look at it every day.


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