Big things with little cars

This is a custom that took a lot longer than it should have. I wanted to turn a 180SX into the sort of rough “drift missle” car that a lot of starting out drifters would own. Something rough and ready from being banged around learning to drift, and with all their money going into making it a better drift car, and not into making it pretty.


So this car has the front bumper hacked away to exposed a giant intercooler(stolen from an Time Attaxi), replacement hood & headlamp, and lots of scrapes to the body, some of which have started to rust.

Out back the rear bumper was long ago torn off getting too close to the wall,, but a big cannon exhaust has been fitted, along with a spare set of rear wheels with cheap tires ready to be turned to smoke.


You can deny skidding something like this around a track would be fun, especially because you wouldn’t really care if it got bounced off a tire wall. You could just replace whatever broke, bang the bodywork out enough so it doesn’t rub, and get right back to drifting.


Parked up next to a clean 180SX this looks rough. But don’t worry, it’ll be out on the track next week and probably come back even rougher.

(Edited to crop photos to show car off better)

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