Very Unexpected: Two Supers In Two Weeks

Just as many of you do, I check BrickSeek quite often to see when my local Target and WalMart get in their latest shipments of various diecasts. This helps me quite often in being able to snag some of whatever the most desirable releases are before they all get magically transported to eBay stores or the flea market with a 500% markup. So on the days that these two Supers were found, BrickSeek had been checked and didn’t show any new stock.

The Mustang was found at WalMart when I was just running in real quick to check their M2 stuff, trying to find the latest Auto-Drivers. The store is usually pretty bad about restocking in a timely manner and only has about a quarter of an aisle dedicated to anything diecast. I was only going to quickly browse through what appeared to be old stock when I noticed a shiny red trimmed wheel flash out...



The card must’ve been sticking up a little bit when it got packed because the entire right-hand side of it is creased over. That doesn’t bother me since I don’t sell these things. But it does still make me wish that they’d be a little more careful packing the cases. I’d prefer to have a clean card to display.

The next score came from a trip to Target yesterday. I had been following the mainlines at this store for quite a while since it’s closest to my office and easy to hit on my lunch break. But it’s been at least a week and half since they last got new stock in. I had seen a few people on Instagram finding the new Car Culture stuff at their local Targets though, so I decided to give the store a quick check. No new Car Culture. Just some old Air Cooled and Track Day. But I glanced over at the pegs of mainlines:


Typically when you see the pegs like this, it’s a sign that they’re not new stock and that all the good stuff is gone. I gave them a quick glance over assuming nothing was there, but something caught my eye a little lower down...




Tucked away on a peg with only three cars was this! I never would have expected to find a Super on pegs this picked over. But I guess it just reiterates the point of always doing your due diligence and checking everything. You never know what might be lurking!

Anyways, I know I haven’t posted anything of real substance in a while with my crazy busy work schedule and lack of any real free time, but I figured I’d throw this up to hold me over. I’ve been trying to narrow down my collection and get into the more quality castings, instead of buying all the different recolors of the same HW cast (not that that shows here, lol). But that’ll be another post for another day. Happy Friday everyone!

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