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W(124)endsday: Ottomobile Mercedes-Benz E320

Guess who’s back? And I return with a fresh out the box Ottomobile Mercedes E320 Coupe. I already have Otto’s Hammer Coupe, but when they announced this more pedestrian version in a color scheme that nearly matches that of my own 91 300CE, it was a forgone conclusion that one would find its way to me. Speaking of that Hammer Coupe, this E320 is not a modified version of that previous mold. Beyond the obvious body work differences, this new mold has refined the window and roof trim, even adding the flip covers for the roof rack mount, and corrected the shape of the trunk lid. The rest is typical Otto, so I won’t waste any words on that. And as always, the value in Otto’s models goes away once they come Stateside, no matter what you do, you’re going to be out of at least $100. Which makes this a pass for all but the most diehard Benz enthusiasts.


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