Big things with little cars

There has been a long absence of intel news on what is coming next year lately. (Wheelerguy where you at!?!?).

So I’m gonna take over for a brief moment with this.


I actually had a suspicion that the 720S will be released for next year and let me explain why. We actually got several hints along the way with the first leak of the upcoming Mercedes AMG GT3 with the racing game Project Car 2 logo on the package. Then we got official news from the game company that they’re collaborating with Hot Wheels and will be releasing 4 more cars incorporated in next year’s Car Culture series that can be raced in the game like the BMW M1 Pro and 2 new tools (Audi R8 LMS and Acura NSX GT3).

When you take a look at the cover for Project Cars 2, the McLaren 720S is one of the cover cars along with the game trailer that highlights the 720S right from the beginning:

When the casting is on shelves next year, expect to have the same Project Cars 2 on the upper left-hand corner of the package just like the AMG GT3. (You heard it hear first guys).


I of course am extremely stoked for this, which is a pretty biased statement for those that know that I’m all about exotics. It’s also worth mentioning that this is another sign that HW is beginning to listen us collectors more and more. The rear fender match the size of the front meaning there won’t be any Large Rear Wheels Syndrome to report. Proportion looks good, the ride height looks promising and also the front of the plastic base is flush to the pavement so up-sloped chin is the thing of the past. The roof is one piece with the window but considering how the 720S was designed with the butterfly doors to be a significant part of the roof and have glass inserts as a way to bring more light into the cabin, I gave them a pass.

All they really need to do now is get the G-damn tampos right.

That’s all for now, catch you guys next time. Cheers.

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