Big things with little cars

A long time ago in a Meyer not so far away, I found 2 supers on the same rack. I bought them both, the proceeded to talk smack in them, calling them not even a bit interesting. They were both 16 Angels and I found them about this same time of year last year. I quickly traded them both to some very generous members through the HWEP here on Lald. I thought that was he end of it. But no...

Throughout 2017, I came up short time after time. I didn’t find another super for the rest of the year. And man did I look. I wanted a 2017 NSX in the worst way. I found several cases that were supposed contain the super, but...nothing. All year. Nothing.

I thought I was just being impatient and a tad greedy until tonight.



I LOOOOOOOVE the 620 cast so much. And I found two! Soupers! I’m floored.

This got me thinking. About ayear exactly...the dry spell...Trashing of the 16 Angels. I had angered the diecast Gods! I didn’t even realize it until now. But this is my chance! I’ve been given an opportunity to redeem myself by loving these 620s and never letting them go.

Let this be a lesson to you....don’t anger the diecast Gods.

Also, as for more luck, the car I ordered finally came in!

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