Big things with little cars

Many weeks ago, news of the release of the next Car Culture probably got most of us excited. Lamley reported it appearing in Target and Walmart. People posting pictures of their finds. But as for me I never expect it to be the beginning of one long struggle.

When Japan Historics 2 was released I was patiently waiting for it to appear in our stores. It took a while but I finally stumbled upon them in our Target with the Datsun 510 still available. I even gotten an error packaging which I showed before.


I was then hoping for the same to happen to the Cargo Carriers series. Been going to Target and Walmart diligently after work but the pegs were always empty. A store employee even helped me get a supervisor to check on status and he indicated he just placed an order and will arrive on April 29. Went there on that day and the Car Culture pegs is still empty. I even wondered if someone drop by early in the morning and took the whole stock. This was plan A.

Shifted to plan B. Online store. Most were out of stock except one. It was a sealed case and it was 10 per case. I struggled to make up my mind whether to buy it and have extra 5. Big mistake. It was gone the next day. Plan C: To the auction site. There were plenty of sellers selling the Cargo Carriers whether individually or as a set. Many were overpriced. That is till I spotted a seller selling it for almost the price of buying the whole set in store including tax. And shipping is included on it. So there you have it, the package arrived and I can finally say the struggle is over. Hope you enjoy reading my little adventure.


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