Big things with little cars

In 1979 after ten years off the air Star Trek The motion picture was released on 12/6 to mixed reviews and started a trend of odd numbered movies being bad and the even numbers being good.

With Star Wars being so popular 2 years prior Paramount made sure to cash in on the success with toys! One of the toy brands to step up in hopes to getting that sci fit money was Dinky Toys known for making die cast cars and having the Star Trek license from earlier on with larger ships they released Mini versions and one of them was Model numbers 802(w missile) and 804(w/o missile) Klingon cruiser


It was very interesting that they chose a metallic blue for the color and bright chrome background stickers for this ship which in the TV show was seen as a light gray and in the movie was a light greenish gray color. I guess this was to help sell toys. For a toy ship it’s held up pretty well with no major damage/bends in the neck or broken nacelle supports or damaged stickers. Not a super big Star Trek fan (I do enjoy the tv shows and some of the movies) but couldn’t pass up another retro toy item for the collection and it is die cast so it counts to post here lol.

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