Big things with little cars

After a week of rolling my eyes at my inlaws, the family shifted to LA so we could visit my folks. But these days my newest LA ritual is to visit the collectibles show and make up for all the crummy hunting in my neck of the woods. So between my hawl yesterday and meeting up with Doug and all the stuff he’d saved for me, well, things got a little out of hand:

Yeah... the total damage financially was surprisingly mild, but still... wow.

Let’s dive in!


This is the headline. I had my tongue out for the Gulf series (plus the mainline Nova which I had never found) and I got a properly good deal on this bunch. I was planning to leave out the VW and the Fiat but the seller only wanted to sell complete sets. I am PUMPED for the Laurel, Mustang, and F1, and warming up to the Fiat.

If anyone really wants the GTI I would be willing to part with it. The only issue is there’s a slight crease on the card running from the hook down towards the blister. Frankly it might have happened on the way home.



The wolf van gives me a trio of 70s-style custom vans, which I love. The CRX was an impulse buy. The Airstream... well I think a fan of things that roll and of midcentury modernism just has to have one.

But wait, is that a fantasy cast you see?


We are sailing into some dark waters now. Technically the Syd Mead Sentinel is a model of a concept car, but the Muscle Bound is pure fantasy. The thing is... I LIKE it. It’s car-shaped, and I love the WW2-style decos. I’ve definitely slipped deeper into the abyss here.


The Zamacs are a free toss-in from Doug. I balked, but I caved because they’re all cars that I don’t have in any form. The Cougar is a cool little pickup. Great wheels, opening hood, a cast I like, and a good price.

As for the other mainlines, they’re pretty much all gap-closers. Like an idiot I turned my nose up at the Lambo pace car, then found out it ran at the Monaco Grand Prix, then I turned around and they were all gone. I was lucky enough to stumble into it right before I left. Was thrilled to find the DeLorean, which I’d seen around but never pursued aggressively. A perfect opportunistic find. I had skipped the red R33 a few times, but I decided to grab it from an independent seller instead of Target. Good way to fix that. The Lotus completes the pantone for that casting. I think I have them all now.


Thanks as always to Dek for being my diecast buddy here in town. And to my wife who doesn’t read this but nonetheless appreciates the fact that my hobby is totally benign and doesn’t take up much space.

Oh and it was my daughter’s birthday and she now has a platoon of Funko pops. Yadda yadda.

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