With the close of the month its time for a recap of the additions. A few items were purchased in December but didnt hit until this month. Such is life when most of your diecast has to cross the Pacific to find my doorstep.

Maybe the most anticipated model of the month just arrived yesterday. Its a rare one on the resell market. The Tomica Shop Landcruiser in the police livery. I picked up up as a package deal with the other 2 FJs. I already have the JAF and road patrol so if you need them just let me know.

Next up a few we have a few big box models. The Mazdas in this group are duplicates so they are also up for grabs.


And now something I didnt think I would ever own. The soon to be complete Super Silhouette collection.


Now for a little 1/43 love.

And last we have some Tomica Limited Collector Book releases. This is one of the coolest Tomica releases ive come across. Not only do you get a very well done model with opening features and rubber tires but you also get a book with period pictures of the cars featured as well as a run down of the tomica releases of the featured car.


All in all another nice month for the TLV addiction.