Big things with little cars


In June itโ€™s gonna be 5 years being on LaLD and lemme tell ya a lil story for the newbies in here...

I started collecting back in the last week of Christmas of 2013. I love BMW so my sisterโ€™s friend bought me an M3 in blue. That sparked me to go look at collecting again...very first thing I buy was a silver AE86 and EF Civic which id pull out but that would take awhile to find lol. So in between December 2013 to June 2014. A lot of stuff happened from depression to starting college and getting a new job plus so much more.


S after 5 years of collecting. From having thousand dollars of hot wheels. I was left with none. So I bought new ones. Felt lonely with only 3 cars. So I began buying Porsches and BMWs like a crack fiend. E rry chance I got. Another hot wheels. Now Iโ€™m up to 63lbs of cars. Which is about roughly 700 cars. Not included are my premium hot wheels.

Thanks Scott, Philip, Sean, BJ, Xin, Ed,, Jeff, Chris, Ryan and Uly for being there when I was soooooo down in the dumps. Diecasts sparked color. My gateway lol

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