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[CUSTOM] 2013 ZL1 Gone Blue Ray

I have a friend from my days in the US Navy who is a huge car enthusiast like us and loves racing, speed, and all things high performance. When he showed me his recent purchase of a 2013 Camaro ZL1 in Blue Ray Metallic, it wasn’t long before I set off on a quest to make him a miniature version of his car. Pictures do NOT do this color justice, it is unbelievably gorgeous.

Doss and his 2013 ZL1 in Blue Ray Metallic.
I started off by picking up a 1:24 scale Welly model of his ZL1, and while Welly does not specify a year, it is modeled after the 2011-2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.
The model has exemplary detail for the scale, and would be a fantastic base for Doss’ custom. It just needed to be that amazing Blue Ray Metallic color.
Typical disassembly applied in this instance, removal of all plastic and prep for paint stripping.
Klean Strip brand premium paint stripper made short work of the glossy red that came on the car.
After removal of the paint, I brushed the metal a bit to blend in some of the mold fill casting lines.
At first, I was going to use a blend of Blue Sapphire, Amethyst Purple and Black Metallic acrylic paints, applied by brush, but I’m glad I ended up buying a touch up spray can of Doss’ Blue Ray Metallic from Scratch Wizard for a reasonable price.
The results are incredible and speak for themselves, especially once I started to spray on some gloss clearcoat.
I added some custom touches to mimic his real ZL1 mods, like the black ZL1 hood badges seen here.
I was even able to print off a mini version of his license plate, replete with ZL1 plate surround.
What resulted is absolutely phenomenal. I was not prepared emotionally to behold the beauty of this color under different light conditions. As Doss says, many people think it’s black until they see it up close, then suddenly they’re both speechless and breathless.
I blacked out the taillamps as on his real ZL1, as well as adding the bolt on spoiler lip.
The final product turned out far better than I expected.
It looks dark now, but with more sunlight, the metalflake would erupt in a symphony of sparkles.
The front grille emblem was blacked out to resemble the “Flow Tie” hollow emblem on Doss’ ZL1.
In my honest opinion, off all the new 2010+ Camaros, the early fifth generation from 2010-2013 are the most true to the original first generation Camaros, and of those, the 2011-2013 ZL1 models of the “gen 5A” Camaros look the meanest with their muscular aero upgrades.
I couldn’t help but top off the project by customizing the box for him as well.
It is currently boxed up and will be shipped to him tomorrow morning. It’s been a fun and challenging project, and an incredible one for an incredible friend and fellow car enthusiast!
Some real ZL1 pics for comparison.
Seen here is the bolt on spoiler lip that adds some flair as well as downforce.

Thanks for reading folks, it is great to be back at LaLD! I’ve been incredibly busy with my new job at John Deere, but I have tons of new (mainly retro) diecast to share with the community here.

As always, happy collecting.

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