Talmart Tuesday

I found another MBX five pack with the VW Bus tribute if anyone still hasn’t found one. Shipping is guaranteed to be more than the $5 & change five pack.
In other wall store news:
New MBX Cases! Wooho...wait, what?

NOS! Anyone still need that Porsche? Or the BMW SF MBX? Moving on...


The green/white M2 Coke VWs are still waiting to be rehomed.

Another kind of collector was in the store today, and left his scat behind...

Finally, Mercury is about to face off with AMC in a fight for the ages;
Cougar v Hornet:


These suckers are trying to find nesting spots in the nooks and crannies of my new stone walls. I caught this one when it came out of the hole. There’s a pile of fine dirt they’ve pushed out of the hole, and every day is another dead cicada in front of the hole...so there are more lurking. Got to stop up those crevices.

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