The real car 1967 Cadillac Eldorado

Topper Toys: Johnny Lightning Custom Eldorado made in(not noted on base) vs Mattel Hot Wheels Custom Eldorado (red Hong Kong purple USA)

Body size/Wheels


JL longer and wider vs HW and was available with both opening and sealed doors.

JL redline good years w/ unmarked redlines. HW plain redlines

The bases


JL a few details of the chassis and engine details

HW (Hong Kong) more realistic details on the chassis and engine.

HW USA no details on the chassis

Engine bay


Each one has a well detailed engine bay but JL has a bit more details showing including the spark plug distributor cap.



JL has buckets seats and more correct looking interior

HW Hong Kong/USA have matching bench seats but HK lacks a center console detail USA has a transmission hump that shouldn’t be there since it had column shift automatic.

Front grill


JL is the only one to have a more detailed grill and front bumper.

Rear bumper


Once again JL has more details on the rear bumper.

Over all all 3 castings have their pros and cons it’s hard to say which one is better than the other. It’s nice to finally have an example of a car that both brands made.

It’s up to your personal preference on which brand/make you have in your collection.