Well a few weeks ago a had a client roll up with his 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 and wanted it to be worked on to look like something from the early 2000’s tuner scene. Not a car I would normally work on but the stack of cash he had changed my mind.

It was off to the internet to track down the right parts he wanted on the car which wasn’t easy since they were not made any more or no longer in business. After waiting for a good while it was delivery day!

The build was going well until someone just had to look up the street outlaws clip and found out why they put “WARNING! Do not try this at home!” Cause it’s true nitrous and rolling chairs do not mix!


No one was seriously hurt just a few scrapes some bruised egos and one hell of a funny YouTube video! Even the K&N rep who stopped by few days later fell on the floor laughing when he saw the video and big dent in the lockers.


Well it was finally time to hand the car back after a few months of build and he was so happy!


Wasn’t a color I’d go with but he liked it and I guess it goes well with the graphics.

I wonder if this will be a future mild & wild set