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1994 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta by Hot Wheels

Hello all, my name is DaftRyosuke, and I have a problem. My problem is that I cannot stop buying 1:18 diecasts of 80s and 90s luxury cars and supercars.

The Ferrari F355 is one of those cars that I knew I must own a variant of in my diecast collection when I started it back a couple years ago. Those sultry, smooth lines that mix everything great about the 1980s and 1990s have always been embedded as the ideal Ferrari to me, and there was no way I could go without having one to display.


There have been many F355s produced in history in 1:18 scale, all with a wide range of detailing, quality, and overall price. I was truly spoiled for choice when I finally sat down to buy one. The UTs were reasonably priced and even offered the targa-top GTS variant, but only offered the car in Rosso Corsa or Giallo Modena, the former of which being the most sought after and therefore the most expensive. Hot Wheels had created a slew of different F355s for their mainline and Elite lines, but I wasn’t quite in the mood to fork out the full $90 for the Elite having just bought a couple of AutoArts at the time, so the mainline it is.

To this day, I’m not exactly sure if the mainline was the correct way to go.


From afar, the model appears to be completely justifiable. It looks good, it definitely holds true to the looks and proportions of the genuine car, and for those on a budget, would make a great addition to a modest Radwood themed collection. But, I’ve been spoiled by AutoArts and Norevs and frankly, I’m feeling a bit disappointed with what I have here.

The biggest flaw here is that this model has no opening features aside from the two opening front doors. I half-expected the frunk to be sealed but the creases in the rear hood led me to believe that there was an opening function. This is not the case. I would call this false advertising, but maybe I should have paid better attention in the end.


Apart from that, there are a few detailing areas that I take issue with. Sometimes you can’t really tell if this is a Maisto quality product or something better (or even worse). The black trim on the rear quarter windows doesn’t match up with the fronts, the quad tailpipes in the rear are obviously not hollow, and the prancing horse badges are too obviously tampos. And yet, the interior (not pictured here due to poor lighting) is fairly decently represented, the tail lights are nicely rendered, and the metal F355 Berlinetta badge on the rear is pristine. It’s a real mixed bag.


I like this model for what it represents, but breaking it down to its core just provides a lot of inconsistent choices. But, that’s what I get for going with the cheaper option. Perhaps I’ll sell this model off and replace it with a UT or Hot Wheels Elite version in the future, who knows? It’s a good model for a cheaper collection, but I want something more these days. Either way, it’s damn photogenic, which I appreciate.

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