Greenlight and Tarmac Works seem to be holding up their deal into 2018, with the release of this new retooling of Greenlight’s R34 Skyline cast with the livery of the NISMO Pennzoil JGTC Skyline used in the 1999 racing season. This is a limited edition release that I was lucky enough to grab from a friend who runs a crafts and toys store in Kentucky, you can find them online at the Tarmac Works online store, though quantities will be low.

As I mentioned before, this model represents the JGTC race car for the 1999 season, driven by Erik Comas and Satoshi Motoyama, which was the first R34-based racer used within the league. The car went on to score points in every race for that season, with Comas earning the GT500 Drivers’ Championship for the year. This variant would go on to earn fame and notoriety with its inclusion in the Gran Turismo video games.

As a representation of a Skyline GT-R, this model does everything correctly. It’s a true 1:64 scale, with all of the right details there. It isn’t Tomica quality, but it does the job. However, as a representation of a JGTC car, it fails, miserably. I don’t blame Greenlight or Tarmac Works for not wanting to cast a whole new GT500-ready Skyline model, but it still feels like somewhat of a weak ordeal, passing this off as the actual specimen, when it really isn’t.


It does make up for it in sheer details with the livery. Greenlight’s always been good about the little details with logos, emblems, and other small paint details, and this is no different. Ever single sponsor, logo, and other symbol is represented in clear detail. I do have an issue with some of the detailing rubbing off, as seen above with the drivers’ names seeming like they’re only halfway there, but otherwise, it’s really top props for everything here.

Here’s some more up close pics to show off what I’m talking about. This is just proper model-building.


I’m really, really impressed with this model. Yeah, it’s not the right cast but the detailing of the livery really brings it home. I’m glad I sought this model out, it makes a solid addition to the collection, and looks fantastic sitting next to other models on my shelf.