Its been a roller coaster ride of sorts... a journey to find the “right” or “correct” cast of the 2017/8 Ford GT, and its not yet finished. I still have to find the one from Maisto, and from Greenlight.

Currently, I have 3 versions of the Ford GT.... but I intentionally left out the one by Majorette (see below) from this comparison, because the proportions of that are a little too much off the mark. While I like the ‘ride height’ of that... coz it’s the lowest of the 3, the details on the car itself doesn’t look right in some places.

While these 2, the Hotwheels and the Tomica, looks more or less the same... and is sized about the same too. The differences are in the proportions of some areas and the details.


The tomy is a tad lower in its ride height. The hotwheels, however, has the darker shade of blue... and the darker shade of grey, in its lower body. Both are incorrect since the real car has an even darker, almost black, shade of grey. :D

The exhaust grillwork on the hood of the HW is unpainted... while its painted black on the Tomy. The wheels on the HW tend to jut out of the wheel wells (as shown above).... there’s none of that on the Tomy.


The HW has the better headlight tampos and ‘ford’ logo... it also has the sharper, more edgy looking plastic.

The front lip, however, is rounded out and smoother on the Tomy. The lip on the HW looks to be ‘squared off’.


Both casts suffer from the ‘big rear wheel’ syndrome. (interestingly, that is something that’s absent on the Majorette.)

The plastic underneath the buttress is grey on the HW.... on the Tomy, its the same shade of blue.


The Tomy has the more detailed tail-light casting... the light itself jutting out of the body, just like on the real car, while the one on the HW can hardly be seen.

The exhaust pipes on the middle is blacked out (painted) on the Tomy and is unpainted on the HW. The lower grillwork on both casts is unpainted... but the one on the HW is smaller while the one on the Tomy is wider.


The flying buttresses and rear wing on the Tomy is correct, having a “hole” or a “tunnel” underneath...... while the one on the HW is not correct and is filled up. The exhaust ports on the rear glass window, on both casts, are plastic. But the ones on the HW is correct while the ones on the Tomy is wrong.

You can also plainly see the lines of the rear trunk on the Tomy... there’s no trunk on the HW.


The Tomy has built-in suspension, like most tomicas, the HW has none.

The plastic (glass area) on the HW scratches more easily than on the Tomy, but the Tomy’s glass areas has a tendency to get opaque after some time.


So which one is your favorite? For me, the Tomy wins... slightly edging out the HW in details.

thanks for viewing,